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  • She’s on the phone as she’s in the garage to take the Volvo out. She’s telling her girlfriend she’s bringing the old Volvo so everyone can fit in it tonight. Her friend is concerned because it left them stranded last time but Cassandra tells her she’s gotten it fixed since….

  • She’s sweet talkin the car and petting the dash in hopes the car will be kind enough to start for her. She’s still trying to get the old wagon started and out of the garage so she can go out. Pumping the gas pedal in her gray riding boots is….

  • Kas Carpool Cranking – #132
    Starring - December 5th, 2010

    You’re carpooling with Kas this morning and she knocks on your door to pick you up.  You go to the garage where the car is parked and she gets in to crank the Blazer but it won’t start.  She tries and tries to get it started but it looks like….

  • Tanyia is trying to get the Volvo started in this clip.  She tries manipulating the choke so it will start quicker, but nothing seems to be working.  She pumps the gas and gets somewhat irate, stomping on the gas pretty hard a few times.  In the end, she gives up….