Tag: muddy

  • This is just the inside cameras (picture-in-picture) of Diana stuck in the mud in the old VW Camper Bus. Uninterrupted main view looking over her shoulder as she works the pedals of the old car to try and get it out of the mud with her sexy red strappy heels…..

  • Hana is filming Cassandra trying to get the Monte Carlo unstuck AFTER Hana buried the thing while trying to move it.  As you can see from the ground, she made a mess!  This is filmed entirely from the outside as Cassandra tries her best to get the car unstuck.

  • Jeanell Muddy Feet Cranking
    Starring - January 3rd, 2012

    Jeanell is stranded in the Monte Carlo out in the woods.  She was out picking some berries and join in with her already in the drivers seat trying to get the car started.  Her muddy feet are pumping the gas pedal and making a mess.  She’s getting nervous and frustrated….