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  • Jenny has become the camerawoman for the day as she’s riding with Tyler Grace in the old Jeep. We’re taking the Bus to a parking lot so they can get some practice driving the old thing.  They chat about the old Jeep and it’s crappy brakes while Jenny films Tyler’s….

  • She’s doing a bit of shopping at the local department store. It’s getting close to closing time, so she’s perusing her way towards the door. She’s wearing a black leather jacket, white button down shirt, jeans, black socks and light colored ballet flats. She’s finally at the door and leaves….

  • Shish’s High-Intensity Training Academy is back in session with our pupil-of-the-year, Vika. We’ve made it out of the parking lot and down a little dead-end road where Vika is turning the car around. I’m giving her a lot of instruction, which might not be helping her, but still, I give….

  • Ok, so we’re back with these two gals and the Jeep keeps stalling out as Tyler tries to get it moved.  She tries covering her embarrassment by laughing but the nervousness comes through still, which is fine as it adds to the realism here.  Jenny is just cracking up because….

  • Damara’s Car Breaks Down – #288
    Starring - March 29th, 2014

    Damara is driving the Monte Carlo when it starts to sputter.  She pulls off the road and the car stalls out.  Traffic continues to go by as she tries getting it started.  It sputters and sounds like it wants to start but never quite gets there.  She does some shoe….

  • Reese Cranks the Camaro – #388
    Starring - January 18th, 2014

    She’s leaving the grocery store on a breezy, chilly day.  The walk across the parking lot seems longer with the wind blowing as it is.  You watch her from another vehicle as she makes the walk, gets in her car and you can hear her having trouble starting it.  We….

  • Tinsley is done inside but couldn’t get what she came for.  She’s about to leave but her Camaro has other plans…it doesn’t want to start!  She keeps trying it, trying not to draw too much attention to herself in the parking lot.  It takes a while to get the damn….

  • Alex Rayne Cranking the Jeep – #298
    Starring - January 25th, 2013

    She slides behind the wheel of the Jeep, hoping it starts for her.  She inserts the key, turns it and spins the engine over but it doesn’t start.  She pumps the gas pedal a few times, turns the key again and keeps pumping but the car still just spins over. ….