Tag: pissed off

  • She’s not in the mood to fight with the old Chevy but it doesn’t care about her feelings. As a result, she’s pissed off and takes out her frustrations on the car by cursing and yelling at it as she beats up the gas pedal some.

  • Brooke knows you’ve gotten custom videos from other girls. She knows you’ve been cheating on her by watching other girls drive and rev cars, so she wants to show you she’s the one…the only one you want to watch! She drives you around the in the Camaro, showing off her sexy feet in….

  • Time to get back in the Jeep and give it some revs to get a charge flowing to the Monte Carlo’s dead battery.  She romps on it hard with her cowgirl boots, making that Jeep’s engine scream in pulses!  She then goes back to the Monte Carlo to try it….

  • Damara Driving the SS – #548
    Starring - January 21st, 2015

    Damara isn’t happy at her boss trying to make a pass at her.  She’s telling him she’s going to get his ass as she fires up her car and leaves.  She drives the Camaro SS aggressively, punching the gas when she can but the car has some power and she….

  • Mandie is pissed…I mean, P-I-S-S-E-D off at you!  She’s not sure why she’s letting you take her out after she caught you talking to another girl.  You may think it was harmless talk but she doesn’t see it that way.  Don’t even think about touching her, either!  She can’t really….

  • Scarlet suspects you keep doing stuff to her car to keep it from starting.  She’s pissed because she’s ready to go but apparently you’ve messed with her car again and she can’t get it started.  She ends up killing the battery and tells you to find your own ride!

  • Princess Cranking the Volvo – #329
    Starring - April 27th, 2013

    Princess comes into the kitchen, grabs her keys and slips on her nurse clogs before heading out the door.  She slips in behind the wheel of the Volvo to drive to work but first has to get it cranked.  She pulls the choke out, presses the clutch and spins the….

  • Princess is pissed off at her boyfriend and decides to take it out on her Cadillac.  She slams the pedal down over and over again making the engine scream.  You can hear the belts squealing as she takes the engine up and down on a vicious roller coaster ride.  The….

  • Kookie cannot get the Torino started, and she’s pissed.  She gets out and kicks a tire before walking back and forth, thinking.  She gets back in and tries again, talking to the car as she cranks it.  She looks at the camera and says, “That’s how you crank a freaking….