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  • Getting work done on the Caddy and while it’s not being worked on at the moment, Cassandra slips on something a bit more comfortable and goes to see how it runs. Who cares what the mechanics or people in traffic think. She wants to put those boots on the big,….

  • They probably should have not taken the Volvo out tonight since it gave them a lot of trouble when trying to leave the house (not seen in this video).  Reese is a bit rusty at driving the Volvo, so Scarlet puts her behind the wheel first so that she can….

  • We watch from an outside view, Scarlet climbs into the old Camaro to leave the store but it’s not wanting to start.  You can see her bouncing in the seat as she’s working gas pedal.  We then swap to an over-the-shoulder shot of her struggling, here, you can see her….

  • Time to head to the post office to see what goodies you folks have sent in!  She has to stop for some gas first and almost is unable to leave from flooding the car out.  She pumps gas and then pumps the gas pedal in her white pants and tan….

  • Scarlet Cranking the Camaro – #338
    Starring - August 31st, 2014

    Finishing up this month of 30 updates, who better to bring our ’10 Year Celebration’ month to a close than Scarlet herself.  She has a ton of issues with this car today.  She has to stop and get gas before heading to a fast food joint to pick up some….

  • Ellie Mae is pumping gas into the Jeep as Queen Red sits in the drivers seat, talking to her.  The gas tank is full and Queen Red climbs across to the passenger seat as Ellie Mae slips back behind the wheel.  She goes to start the Jeep and it doesn’t….

  • Princess Cranking the VW Bug – #254
    Starring - February 3rd, 2013

    Her car ran out of gas and she’s having to walk on the side of the road in her sexy little dress, pantyhose and some multi-colored platform pumps.  She’s embarrassed having to walk with her little gas can as cars drive by without stopping to help.  She puts the gas….