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1432 – Vivian Ireene Pierce Teaches a New Model the Ropes of Pedal Pumping


Outfit & Shoes
Weather appropriate short dress, black or nude sheer stockings and black leather stiletto pumps

“Vivian teaches a new model”

Viv is sitting at a table or desk reading a script. We can see her lovely legs from a side view, and they are crossed away from the camera. She is reviewing the script to the new model (the camera), reading it aloud and ad-libbing in commentary or cute comments. As she reviews the script half way through, she reverses her leg cross. She is slowing pointing the toe of her shoe as she sits, but never dangles.

She then gets up “OK – we’re ready let’s head out”

When she gets to the car, she demonstrates and talks through the following to the model:
– How to get in to the driver seat lady-like
– How to adjust the seat for the perfect angle of her foot on the pedal
– How to position her pedal on the foot nice and straight
– Options for where to position her left leg as to not obstruct the gas pedal view

Then she reiterates how the client is very specific and wants “heel-to-the-floor” pumping. Have her demonstrate the right way (heel-to-floor) and the wrong way (full leg).

Viv then says this is a cranking video and the car shouldn’t start, so she has to manually flood it. “I’m going to flood it good so it is hard to start.”. She then begins priming the pedal, starting with hard, but slow pumps. As she primes, she increases the speed until she is aggresively pumping the pedal. After a good flood, she explains now it’s time to crank. She turns it over for 5 or so seconds to verify it’s flooded.

She reads from the script, and demonstrates to the model in steps, pauses and checks the script between each step:
“Prime the gas for a good 10 seconds, then crank. Hold it to the floor”
“Crank, hold it to the floor, switch to aggressive pumping, then back to holding it down”
“Prime the gas pedal real good again and crank, hold it down with bursts of 5-8 pumps each”

(continue with other variations – have Viv take creative liberties)

Half way through have Viv teach the model how to check the engine and demonstrate the sexy poses while doing so (leaning over to look, bending up one leg, etc, have the hood already open).

At some point Viv explains how over-exaggerated bouncing can ruin the experience. Have her demonstrate this, then demonstrate natural bouncing while pumping. Also Viv can coach the model to look at the camera periodically with a flirty expression.

She can be creative with any part of this, just stick to the theme of she is coaching a brand new model.

Start with open-door driver side shot, pan from wide to almost over the left shoulder. The last 2 minutes, film from the back seat.

Length: 13:42

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 912 MB


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