Tag: pushing

  • Dressed in her leather jacket, leather pants and boots, Veronica is trying to leave in the Volvo to go on her date but the damn thing won’t start!  “Come on, start!” she says but no luck.  She tries for a while to get it started and then decides she’ll get….

  • She’s gotta hurry up to make her flight and it figures, her car won’t start.  She begs the old Chevy to start for her but it isn’t listening.  She has to call the airline to see if they’ll hold the plane for her because can’t miss this flight!  They tell….

  • Miley & Riley Cranking Musical Cars
    Starring , - August 23rd, 2011

    Miley is about to leave but Riley has parked her Bug in the way.  Miley tries to move it on her own but can’t get it started.  She demands Riley to come down and move it herself.  When Riley is unable to start it, the girls end up pushing it….

  • Aylalee and Salem are two new realtors, and their boss has stuck them with the not-so-good job assignment.  They have to go appraise a piece of land that is less than desirable.  To top it off, the snow that’s melted has caused it to get pretty mucky, and they get….