Tag: rag in carb

  • She is still trying hard to get the Camaro to run. The rag is set perfectly; making the car hard to start and when it does somewhat run, it chugs so badly that she has to keep feathering the gas just right or it’ll stall back out.

  • Let’s revisit the model that had the longest legs ever, Anna. Even with the seat all the way back, she still doesn’t have enough room to stretch her legs out. This clip series is her trying to get the Camaro started and running after I stuffed a rag in the….

  • You’re sitting in the Jeep when she opens the door and climbs in. She checks herself in the rear-view mirror as she starts pumping the gas pedal in her open-toe patent stiletto sandals. She does this for about the first minute before acknowledging your mouth-open astonishment. “What? You didn’t think….

  • Someone is sabotaging Vivian’s car. We see them raise the hood, stuff a rag in the carb and scurry off just before Vivian is seen walking to the car. We watch her walk over to the car from inside and she gets in, gets situated, slides the key in and….

  • Riley Stranded in the Monte Carlo – #477
    Starring - September 18th, 2016

    This scene opens up with someone stuffing a rag into the carb of the Monte Carlo. Uh-oh, looks like someone doesn’t want Riley to be able to leave. *fade out* Riley is walking to her car and sees that Olive Garden is having an ‘all you can eat’ special…she knows….

  • Audrey Gets Setup to Crank – #277
    Starring - October 28th, 2012

    Audrey is giving you a hot revving show in the Camaro when you decide to take matters into your own hands.  You open her hood, against her wishes and stuff a rag into the carburetor so the car will stall out.  She tries getting it started again, not knowing exactly….