Tag: riding pants

  • Vivian is anxious to head out but with the Camaro not starting for her, she’s starting to get frustrated and extremely annoyed. The car sputters a lot and teases her but just won’t start. Various angles including behind-the-pedals. Vivian is wearing a black leather blazer-style jacket, riding pants with leather….

  • She’s wearing a white button-down blouse, white with gray-seat riding pants and white strappy stiletto sandals. She cranks the car until it finally starts and revs it up. The video ends once the car is running good and she can put it in gear to leave.

  • Hana has on her blazer, white/gray riding pants and black leather riding boots. She has a hell of a time getting the old 1971 VW Bus started. She pumps it a lot in between cranks, really priming that old carburetor good! She finally gets it to fire up, revs it….

  • She’s got these sexy strappy heels on as she drives and revs the Monte Carlo at night. She’s wearing her white button shirt with white/gray riding pants and these white stiletto sandals. She starts the car up, revs it and starts driving on the dark roads. She revs while coasting….

  • Lighting up the car at night is a challenge for models because the light is reflecting off the front windshield and makes it hard for them to see. But Hana is pretty good about being able to see past all that so I’ve got lights glaring as she starts up,….