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  • You knock on the door and Mari answers. She asks if you’re here to look at the car, which you are, and she happily agrees to show you the car. She slips on her Birkenstock sandals and walks you out to where the old Monte Carlo is parked. She knows….

  • She’s trying to sell the Jeep to a possible buyer. She slipped on some Birkenstock sandals over her white socks to walk out to the car. The buyer wants her to start it up and uh-oh, she’s having some issues getting it cranked. She eventually gets it started and tells….

  • Pepper is showing the Monte Carlo to a potential buyer.  She talks about the car and when she gets in to try and show the person how it runs, it doesn’t want to start.  The damp, cool weather doesn’t help much either.

  • Jess Early Morning Car Selling, 1 of 2
    Starring - September 24th, 2011

    Jess told her boyfriend she’d help him sell his car but I guess she didn’t think about those early birds trying to catch a deal.  A potential buyer comes knocking on her door and she answers the door groggy and hung-over.  She does manage to get dressed and then leads….