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  • Gotta run down the street for some gasoline in the old Bus. She’s not happy having to be on an incline to get it started but with a little instruction on how to use all three pedals with two feet, she gets it going. When she backs out onto the….

  • She’s picking up the Bus from the shop in her cute little black dress and barefoot. It’s not the easiest place to get in and out of because it’s steep hills everywhere. When she goes to start the Bus, it wants to roll even with the parking brake on. So….

  • She’s zipping around the neighborhood in her golf-cart wearing these sexy tan thin-strapped sandals. Her red toes and toe ring adorn her little peds as she pumps the pedals for anyone nearby to see.

  • You’re going to ride to work with Tinsley in her moms old Coronet because Tinsley’s car is in the shop. Her mom told Tinsley that she has to pump it to get it started, so she’s pumping it some before trying to start it. After a few tries it starts….

  • She’s broke down in the old Chevy and trying to restart the engine with her black leather ballet flats on.  It sounds very flooded and wants to start but she can’t get the right pumping rhythm to get the engine fired up completely.  She keeps cranking it, putting her whole….

  • Cassandra & Scarlet are going to the beach.  Cassandra is loading up the Volvo at her house before she heads over to Scarlet’s to pick her up.  Cassandra has some trouble getting the car started but she keeps at it and gets the car started before the battery dies.  She….

  • Tinsley Barefoot Revving the Coronet
    Starring - September 1st, 2013

    Tinsley does some sexy and aggressive revving in the old Dodge with her bare feet!  She ends up making the car bleed some of it’s coolant out but that doesn’t stop her!  She keeps on and on, smiling while she revs it!  She even has a toe-ring on, for you….

  • Scarlet is driving the Volvo in this clip that is kinda short.  We are coming back from the store and she does some flooring, holding the brake pedal with two feet and lots of gear shifting.  She’s also sporting a toe ring and anklet on her gas pedal foot.

  • She braves the cold and does some barefoot revving in the VW Bus for you guys.  You can see her pretty red toenail polish as well as the toe ring she’s wearing.  She’s bundled up but the cold metal of the gas pedal is freezing!  She stomps the pedal to….

  • Pepper Driving the Mustang Barefoot
    Starring - February 11th, 2012

    Scarlet is riding along with Pepper as she runs her errands on this rainy day.  Pepper is driving barefoot on this rainy day but does find a few times to get on the gas pedal.  She is wearing a toe ring on one of her toes.