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  • Back-to-back Ugg clips? Not really. The Hana clip from yesterday only had a very short scene with the Uggs on, so here’s a full clip in a knee-high pair of Uggs for you Ugg fans. The Volvo died and wouldn’t start back up earlier, so this clip picks up with….

  • We’ve all piled into the Monte Carlo to head home. ‘We’ includes Scarlet & Mari in the backseat with me riding shotgun and Hana in the main seat. There is some banter between the girls since Hana can’t get the car started. She starts with her Uggs on but then….

  • She’s cold and so is the Volvo. It takes a few cranks and some pumping to get it to fire up and she doesn’t waste any time revving it pretty hard to warm it up. She runs down the street to get some gas and then drives it around some….

  • “I had to make a quick drive in the Jeep with Shish tonight.  I didn’t expect anyone to show up this late so I was in my jammies and Uggs…oh well, it’s only Shish, he’ll live.  Good thing my art gallery filing can wait till the morning.” “Came in to work….

  • She’s ready to head out and can’t believe that she has a flat tire…now, of all times!  She’s going to move the Monte Carlo out of the way so she can take the Coronet instead.  Of course, the Monte is a pain to start and is a bit of a….

  • Hana Revving the Coronet – #241
    Starring - April 5th, 2014

    Hana is at the gas station, getting gas for the Monte Carlo.  It’s cold out and she’s trying to stay warm with a big sweatshirt, some tight leggings, knee high socks and a pair of black Boss rain boots.  Once the tank is filled up, she gets in the car….

  • Curator Cassandra, Log Entry 005
    Starring - February 8th, 2014

    “It’s snowing…in Alabama..and they still want me to see if the cars work?!  Uuuggghh!!  Fine but I’m keeping my pajamas on for this.  Time to go freeze!”

  • This half-hour clip was filmed today, during one of the coldest days we’ve had in years!!  Yes yes, I know you northerners, Canadians and Russians will probably tell us that 17 degrees with a windchill of single digits to -7 is a ‘heat wave’.  But look, for those of us….

  • This is Cassandra’s first time driving the Bus.  She doesn’t normally drive a stick shift vehicle and she’s a bit rough at it throughout the video.  We drive around the block a few times, practicing her skills.  She’s got on a tall pair of Ugg boots for you Ugg fans….

  • Scarlet and Hana are heading to Kohl’s for a little shopping trip.  They’re taking the Coronet and Hana is going to drive.  It takes a minute to get the cold Coronet running and warmed up enough to go.  Once they get going, it’s hard for Hana to see through the….