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1334 – Jane Domino Cranking Her Friend’s Old VW Bug in Boots


Outfit & Shoes
Casual winter outfit.
-Jane’s hair is loose. She isn’t wearing a hat.
-On top, she wears a scarf and gloves. She wears her warm winter coat, done up. Under the coat, she’s wearing a warm winter sweater. Under that, she wears a collared, button-down, casual shirt or blouse, with the top 1-2 buttons undone. Under that, she wears a tight, spaghetti-strap, top. Under that she wears a bra with straps.
-On the bottom, she wears jeans, full-length, without holes.
-On her feet, she wears knee-high (not over-knee), zip-up (with a full-length zipper), high-heeled, leather boots. Her boots are worn over her jeans. She wears clean white athletic socks, the type that end an inch or so above the ankle, not ped socks / no-show socks. Her toes are painted white.

This is the kind of style I am looking for in boots:

Any colour of boots is fine.

About 10 mins:

Jane is wearing outfit #1. She walks around the workshop.

As Jane walks around, she talks about how she loves the cold, and getting to wear her cute winter clothes, and especially her boots. She feels so sexy in them. She asks her friend if he likes her outfit and boots.

During all of this, we get good whole-body views of Jane, as well as focuses on her boots and boot zippers, from all angles.

Her friend is working on another junk car he’s bought. He’s been working on it every day, but still can’t get it started. He wants Jane to help. Jane good-naturedly argues, but laughs and gives in.

Jane gets into the car (any car is fine). She tries to turn on the engine, and pumps the pedals. The engine won’t start. She keeps the door open, so that we can get good views of all of her, as well as views of her boots.

She then crosses one leg over the other as she pumps.

Jane still can’t get it started.

Jane then takes a break, leaning back and putting her booted feet out the window.

Jane then gets out of the car. She opens the hood and starts working on the engine. We get good whole-body views, as well as boot and boot sole closeups. She puts one knee on the bumper, so we can see her boot sole.

Jane thinks she has fixed the engine. She tries the ignition and pumps the pedal again, and the engine starts. Jane squeals and laughs with delight.

Jane’s friend suggests they need to wash the car before they sell it. He wants Jane to do it. She playfully pouts at how her nice boots will get dirty from all the water and soap. Jane starts washing the car. Some water splashes on Jane’s boots. She doesn’t want to run her nice winter outfit! She good-naturedly argues with her friend’s suggestion she go barefoot.

This scene ends with a shot of her starting to wash the car off.


Length: 10:15

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 749 MB


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