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  • Dakota is taking her and Cherry for a spin in the old ’77 Camaro Z28. She’s wearing an old pair of black, well-worn Toms loafers. They are running solo on this trip, so it’s about as natural and realistic as it gets. The glee Dakota gets when she realizes the….

  • She’s got the grunge look going on right now because it’s ‘Casual Day’ here…or something. She cranks the bus a few times before it fires up, backs it up a bit too far and gets it slightly stuck in the ditch when she tries going forward. She has to back….

  • There’s a nice cranking segment in the beginning with her, for you cranking fans. She’s fighting with the parking brake and the car stalls as she’s focused on it. Takes a few attempts to get it restarted and after that, it’s all driving from there. Lots of shifting and working….

  • Curator Cassandra – Log Entry #007
    Starring - January 28th, 2017

    7:12am – “Got my comfy, well-worn boots on today with my sweater dress because there was a chill in the air. Wanted to see if the Camaro would start. Took a few tries to get it started and not die but the battery was strong, so that’s good. I wonder….

  • Here’s a request for a video of a girl wearing some well-worn boots and giving you a good cranking show.  You tell Brianna that you want her to drive and you just stand by the open door and watch her struggle to get the old Monte started.  She wears out….