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  • She opens the door and gives you a little boot tease by propping up her boot on the door sill. She’s wearing a black leather jacket, black sweater dress, black leather gloves and shiny black knee-high boots. She hops in and starts cranking the Camaro’s engine over to get it….

  • Karla Cranking in Wet Sneakers – #110
    Starring - January 15th, 2011

    Karla wants to give the Volvo a bath but first, she must move the Coronet out of the way and get the Volvo onto the driveway.  It takes her a while to get the Coronet started and moved but when she goes to the start the Volvo, she can’t get….

  • Annette is trying to get to the Volvo to wash it.  She has some issues moving the Coronet and Caddy then has to battle the cold bucket of water just to get to the Volvo.  She accidentally tips the bucket over and gets her feet/shoes soaking wet.  She then decides….