Four Ladies Booted Up Night Out, 1 of 3

Four Ladies Booted Up Night Out, 1 of 3

October 28th, 2023

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Cassandra & Kimber tell Anabelle that they’ll meet her & Scarlet there and wave bye to each other. Cassandra & Kimber then head to the Monte Carlo.

Can I start it?” Kimber asks Cassandra.

Of course you can.” Cassandra says, much to Kimbers’ excitement.

The girls get in with Kimber getting behind the wheel and she goes to start the old car. She tries it twice, giving it a little gas and is already frustrated to which Cassandra tells her you have to be patient.

Kimber keeps trying and is very vocal talking to the car and Cassandra as she’s trying to get the car going. She gets it fired up at one point and lays into the pedal, revving it to the floor but ends up stalling it out. Can’t go balls to the wall right away as these cold-natured cars will bite back.

Want me to try?” Cassandra says and the girls swap. She’s not having that much luck either and is only getting a few sputters from the car. Meanwhile, Anabelle and Scarlet are probably half-way to the mall by now.

Finally, Cassandra gets the car fired up and revs it up to clear it out but not too hard yet, gotta baby the old car. They are now on their way, driving as the light is fading and working their way through traffic and chatting about their boots, the old car and plans for the night.