Annette Driving Coronet Barefoot

Annette Driving Coronet Barefoot

August 30th, 2011

Annette is wearing a short dress with her black high heels.  She gets in, starts the Coronet (not without issue) and goes for a cruise.  She kicks off her heels before she hits the main road so most of this video is of her driving barefoot.  The Coronet does stall on her once while driving and a short cranking scene ensues.

2 thoughts on “Annette Driving Coronet Barefoot”

  1. Great picture-in-picture mode featured in this vid, especially of the camera placed right on the floorboard next to the gas pedal. The viewer was thus afforded an unusual yet arousing camera angle of Annette’s right foot at first pumping the gas pedal in her black pumps as she struggled to initially get the Coronet started. It also was very sexy to watch her right leg bobbing up and down in sync with her pumping the gas pedal as she kept turning the key in the ignition struggling to start up the Coronet. After getting the car started as depicted in the vid description Annette immediately took off her heels and took the viewer out on the road driving barefoot. Again, it was sexy watching both camera angles – one filmed from the passenger side of the car and showing Annette’s face, upper body and legs as she drove, the second angle showing her right bare foot depressing the gas and braking the car to a stop when necessary. I only wish that the Coronet had stalled out a time or three, forcing Annette to have to re-start it and, undoubtedly pump the gas pedal barefoot in her cranking attempts. A great vid and a master stroke of genius for Shish to employ the pic-in-pic camera angles, especially the one from the car’s floorboard. BTW, Annette does have a great pair of legs!

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