Brooke & Jewels Fire Up & Rev the 72 Nova in Boots
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Brooke & Jewels Fire Up & Rev the 72 Nova in Boots

July 8th, 2023


“Hop in Jewels, I’m gonna try to crank it.” Brooke says to Jewels outside the car where you can only hear them and not see them yet. The camera is from the backseat of the car and you can see the hood is already up on the Nova from where they checked the oil and made sure the battery was connected.

Brooke gets behind the wheel while Jewels slides in on the passenger side. Brooke starts cranking the Nova’s engine over after giving it a few pumps before starting. It just turns over. She pauses for a moment, gives it some pumps while they both look at each other with that nervous smile and Brooke tries starting it again. She pumps the gas faster now but it’s still not even sputtering yet. You can hear the fuel pump in the background trying to suck enough fuel up to get this old hot rod going. Brooke keeps at it while Jewels does some begging the car, bouncing in the seat and patting the dash of the car hoping to coax it to life as well.

After some more attempts, the car begins to sputter and finally roar to life. Brooke gives the gas pedal some mild taps to get it warmed up. When it sounds like it’s going to stay running, she lets Jewels slide over and rev it up some in her tan flat boots. Brooke is now holding the camera and filming the pedals from the passenger seat.

Brooke finishes out the video by getting back behind the wheel and doing some POV revving in her black otk boots.