Cherry Morgan & Dakota Charms in ‘Broken Down at School’, 1 of 2

Cherry Morgan & Dakota Charms in ‘Broken Down at School’, 1 of 2

June 2nd, 2024


They both climb into the old Coronet with Cherry getting behind the wheel to drive.

Where are we going?” Cherry asks, not sure what she’s even doing. lol Dakota reminds her they’re going to school.

Can you tell me how to get there?” Cherry asks because she can’t remember. She twists the key to start the car but it’s not starting. After a few tries, she mumbles to Dakota, “The car won’t start…” in an embarrassed kind of way. She’s pumping on the gas pedal with her taupe colored over-the-knee leather boots but the car just isn’t start. She stops for a moment to buckle her seat belt and then when she twists the key to start the engine, it fires up this time.

Whoa!!” the girls yell out, excited the car fired up but it’s short-lived as the engine stalls out. More cranking ensues until the car is running enough for Cherry to finally try getting on the road. She gets the car out of the driveway and onto the road but it stalls out at the stop sign. It fires right back up though.

They drive around trying to find the school and, to Dakota’s surprise, Cherry ended up knowing the way to the school.

This clip ends with a fade out scene of them arriving at the school to a fade-in scene of Dakota cranking the car with Cherry standing by the open hood of the car. They’re broke down in an empty parking lot….