Diana & Jane Run to Fred’s Store, 1 of 2

Diana & Jane Run to Fred’s Store, 1 of 2

June 14th, 2024


They hop into the old 1986 AMC Renault GTA convertible 5-speed (that’s a mouthful) with Diana doing the driving. She goes to start the car but it won’t start. This car was a wonderfully stubborn and Diana gets the middle-finger from the car. It sputters and fights but ultimately, she gets it started. She revs it a little with her brown suede knee-high boots and then drives down the street to pick up the Cadillac, which is the car they’re driving to the store.

Jane is already in the Cadillac trying to get it fired up as Diana is getting into the car. The Cadillac doesn’t give Jane too much trouble (or is Jane just that good? hmmm…) and she hits the road. She handles the Cadillac with ease in those thigh high black leather cowgirl boots because her and the Caddy have had much time together. So she can man-handle when she needs to. She stretches her leg out as her booted-foot presses down on the gas pedal to make the giant land barge get up to speed.

They arrive at the store, grab their purses and get out of the car to go grab some stuffs.