Jane Can’t Get Car Started to Take Little Jesus to the Movies, 1 of 2
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Jane Can’t Get Car Started to Take Little Jesus to the Movies, 1 of 2

June 29th, 2024

Hey sweetie! Where you going?” Jane asks you when she sees you walking towards the old Renault.

Your mom gave me keys to the Jeep because she’s been having trouble with the Renault.” she explains. She’s standing next to the old Jeep with keys in hand. She’s wearing a denim jacket with a white, low-cut top, red leather pants and a shiny pair of brown knee high boots.

She opens the door for you to get in and you both get situated.

We are NOT going to see ‘Venom’! Your mom would be sooo mad at me!” she tells you as she slides the key into ignition and goes to start the car. It doesn’t start on the first try. She gives it a few pumps and tries again but it still won’t start. She’s looking at you with a slight smile when she pumps the gas a few more times and spins the engine over.

Any other movies you want to watch?” she softly says, seeing you just stare at her.

I think it’s adorable how much you like this.” she says.

She keeps trying to get the Jeep cranked up while she argues with you about going to see the movie that she can’t take you too. Doesn’t matter how cute or pouty you look at her, she’s not going to give in.

Come on car!” she says to the Jeep that is still not starting.

She tries for a while longer to get the car started but eventually stops and looks worried. “The whole reason she gave me the keys to this car is because it’s the one that runs.” and goes on about how she hopes she didn’t do anything to mess up your moms baby (the Jeep).

She ponders for a moment what to do and as her face of worry changes to a look of sweet mischief and you notice she’s glancing up the driveway at the Renault. “I could think of something…” she says in a devilish kind of way while slowly and deliberately keeps pumping the gas pedal of the Jeep.