Jane Domino Starting Struggle & Drives the Renault Barefoot Purple Toes

Jane Domino Starting Struggle & Drives the Renault Barefoot Purple Toes

September 6th, 2023

Taking the old 1987 Renault GTA to the parts store to get some stuffs for these junkers. Up until this point, she hasn’t done that much driving in this car (if any) and she was eager to take it out to run errands.

Jane is barefoot and wearing a pair of tight, well-worn jeans and a tank top. I’m filming from the open drivers door as she does an old start on the little car. It takes some work to get it fired up and going as it’s been sitting for a while.

After a few minutes of struggling with the little car, she finally wins and is able to carefully rev it a little and start building some heat into the engine and getting the plugs cleared out. A good bit of smoke coming out of the tailpipe when she was cranking and more-so now that she’s got it somewhat running.

When it’ll finally idle on it’s own, she starts unlatching the convertible top to drop it because it’s too nice of a day to not drive topless! Once her top is down, we can finally head out. There’s a good bit of traffic out today, so she has to drive at whatever pace they set.

I’m filming with an old go pro here, so not the best clarity but then again, this was quite a few years ago so…

It’s a mellow drive up until we get behind some douchebag going 20mph under the speed limit….no way to pass either. It starts to get on both mine and Jane’s nerves but what can ya do? Lots of good shots of her purple-toe-painted bare feet on the pedals here….yeah, very annoying. But at least we’re almost to the parts store. Hell, she can drive faster in the parking lot than that guy was on the main road.

Now we’re on a way back home and she’s able to drive a little faster now that we don’t have gramps in front of us. She can open up a lot more than before while we do some jibber-jabber back-and-forth with each other till we get home.