Jane Domino Caddy Flooring White Thigh High Boots Red Leather Jacket
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Jane Domino Caddy Flooring White Thigh High Boots Red Leather Jacket

November 10th, 2023

She just got done taking the old Bug for a drive and now she’s heading to the Cadillac to see if she can get it started to take it on a drive. She sits down in the passenger seat to change her shoes first. She kicks off her patent peep-toe heels and slips on a pair of white leather thigh high boots over her tight jeans. She stands up and slips on a red leather jacket that almost matches the vinyl top of the Cadillac.

Once properly dressed, she coaxes the keys from you before getting in the drivers seat and firing up the old beast. She gets the engine started and starts out with some easy revving to splash some oil on all the engine parts before getting harder and harder while teasing it up. She gives it a few good romps before buckling up and heading out.

She gets to the end of the driveway and just as she stomps on the gas pedal the car conks out. She jams it into park, pumps the gas a few times quickly and it fires right back up. She puts it in drive, pulls out and floors the gas pedal. She spends the rest of the drive flooring the gas as much as she can in this big, heavy car. She gets the tires to chirp a couple of times when flooring it from a stop. She just has a lot of fun being able to mash the gas pedal into the carpet and letting the tired engine just work to keep up with her demands.

When she gets to the house, she does some hard revving to wrap things up.