Jane Domino Coronet Gas Run Tight Jeans, Hose & Strappy Heels
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Jane Domino Coronet Gas Run Tight Jeans, Hose & Strappy Heels

September 15th, 2023

Jane hops into the Coronet and gives the gas pedal three pumps before spinning it over. It doesn’t start so she pumps it 3 more times, holds the key longer while giving it some gas but it still doesn’t start. A few more pumps, turns the key and the car sputters and fires up after a few seconds. It stalls when she tries revving it but that’s typical. The next crank should be the one where it finally runs, which is the case and she does a little more warming up before reversing out the parking spot. That’s when we notice the gas gauge is on ‘E’. Looks like she needs to go get gas.

She drives the gas station very lightly because the car is on fumes. So yes, take it lightly and like you’re on a Sunday drive. When she gets on the road and slowly opens the throttle up, the car sounds like absolute crap…I have no idea what is making that awful racket but, whatever, it’s an old clunker.

Her red toes show up through the tan sheer pantyhose she’s wearing with these thin-strap stiletto high heels. Her outfit is a white button-up blouse and tight denim leggings.

She makes it to the gas station and gets out to fuel her up. Once she’s topped off, she gets back in the car and I say, “Let’s see if the gas gauge works or if it’s broke.

Watch it die.” she replies before giving the car 3 full pumps to the floor and turning the key pumping it and holding it. It doesn’t start, so we repeat the process from earlier. With it being a ‘hot start’, the risk of flooding it is higher and you can tell the engine is on the verge as it cranks for a bit then sputters but doesn’t start. After a few more tries, she gets it going, revs it up and pulls away from the pump. Just as she’s about to pull out of the gas station parking lot, the car stalls on her. It’s not firing back up and she has to wave a car behind her to go around. After a few more tries, she gets it going but as soon as she pulls out into the road at the red light, it stalls again.

You’re a piece of shit!” she says, cranking the car in the middle of the road….