Jane Domino Old Start Struggle in the Jeep Miniskirt & Peep Toe Heels
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Jane Domino Old Start Struggle in the Jeep Miniskirt & Peep Toe Heels

March 23rd, 2024

She walks around to the drivers side and I get into the passenger side to head out. She leaves the door open to start the car because it’s hot and muggy outside. She’s wearing a floral tube top, a black short miniskirt and shiny black peep-toe stilettos.

She gives the engine a squirt or two of gas before spinning it over and then pumps it while cranking…it doesn’t start.
She gives it a few more squirts, spins it over again and still, it doesn’t start.
She pauses, gives it some more gas and tries yet again to get it to fire by pumping it faster but no luck.

It’s a warm day.” she says, taking a moment before trying again. She starts begging the car and whether it’s just a coincidence or it actually listened to her, it starts to sputter.

Oh come on, come on!” she begs the car. Trying again and again, quickly pumping the gas from her excitement at the car starting to wake up. After some more begging and pleading, the car finally fires up!

Yes…YESSSS!!” she says with glee! She revs it lightly for a little bit to get it cleared out and then gets ready to hit the road but rolling the window down, releasing the parking brake, turning the a/c on that barely works (hey, something is better than nothing!) and putting it into drive.

It’s a short drive but a smooth drive nonetheless.