Jane Domino Frustrated Day in the Jeep & Blows the Rear End
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Jane Domino Frustrated Day in the Jeep & Blows the Rear End

December 1st, 2022

Jane gives the gas pedal in the big ole Jeep a workout today in these brown leather knee high boots.

She hops in the Jeep to get it fired up for the day. It’s been raining, it’s chilly and it hasn’t been started for the day yet. So a damp-old-cold start. It takes a while to get the Jeep started. It almost sounds like it’s out of gas or something. She gets it to fire finally and lightly revs it to smooth things out.

With the engine warmed up and smoothed out, she pulls out of the driveway and onto the road. She gets to the first stop sign and the Jeep stalls. She gets it fired back up but it stalls again.

Piece of shit.” she mutters under her breath as she starts pumping on the gas and turning the key again. It fights her and she fights back, finally winning again is able to pull out onto the main road to be on her way. However, the Jeep bites back hard and a loud ‘Bang!’ is heard from the rear end of the car. She gets off the gas and coasts to a parking lot to turn around and take the Jeep back home. When she’s about to pull back out onto the road, the fucking thing dies again!

UGGGHH, this is not my day with you!” she yells in frustration at the Jeep.

She limps the Jeep home, parks it and does some hard revving to give it a little payback for being a temperamental bitch. She loves making these old engines scream and it kinda gets her in the mood to be frisky and playful. She starts rubbing her hands over her thighs and legs while the old 360 engine screams as her brown leather boot pumps the gas pedal over and over.

With the engine all hot, she turns it off, pumps the gas a few times and gets the engine nice and flooded. She does a little cranking till the drains the battery out of all it’s juice.

**The loud bang we heard ended up being the rear differential saying “Adios Muthafuckaaa’s!!”**