Jane Domino Taking the Jeep to Get a Pedi, 2 of 2
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Jane Domino Taking the Jeep to Get a Pedi, 2 of 2

March 10th, 2024

“I’ve got my freshly pedicured toes.” Jane says, admiring her shiny and sexy red toes on her tan sexy feet. She gives the gas a few quick, fast pumps before starting the Jeep but it doesn’t start. She pumps it again and turns it over and it still doesn’t start. She tries a few more times before taking a break and eating a donut hole she got for free. She goes back at it but it’s probably flooded now so she holds it to the floor…damn, still not starting!!

She keeps at it, quickly pumping the gas and mixed in some holding to the floor. It fires up at one point and all seems good until it stalls out on her again. She keeps trying and gets it to fire again. She revs it some and she thinks all is well now. She backs up out of her parking spot and starts to leave, anxiously hoping her car doesn’t stall again.

So far so good…