Jane Domino PTP Fleet Startup in White Toenail Polish – 1 of 6
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Jane Domino PTP Fleet Startup in White Toenail Polish – 1 of 6

December 10th, 2023

She heads out for a morning adventure to see what will start and what won’t start.

“All these beauties have been sitting for a while so let’s see if we can get them going.” she says as she picks the Camaro for the first startup. She sits down, finds the keys and has some issues with the ignition being really stiff and hard to turn. She ends up breaking the ignition key but fortunately, she didn’t break it off where it is jammed in the ignition cylinder itself. She gets the backup key and tries again, while being careful not to break the key, and gets the car to spin over but it doesn’t start. She turns it again and nothing…dead battery? bad ignition?

Next up is the Volvo and she has no problems with the ignition or battery but the car won’t start either. She tries it for a while because it can be stubborn at times but not today, it’s just being downright AWOL.

Self-filmed camera angles getting mostly her POV (leg, feet and thigh shots). She’s wearing a tank top, daisy duke shorts and pink-strap flip flops that show off her white toenail polish nicely.