Jane Domino in ‘I Love Revving the Camaro’ in Keds
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Jane Domino in ‘I Love Revving the Camaro’ in Keds

September 10th, 2023

The camera is viewing her legs and feet on the pedals from the passenger side seat. She gets in, grabs the keys and gets the car started with some fast pumping. She revs is mildly at first, letting the oil splash around on the internals and getting a little heat into the engine before trying to move it. As the car smooths out, she starts romping on it. Sometimes it’s a good hard to-the-floor romp, other times it’s a series of quick pumps. She mixes it up and you can almost feel the car rocking from her taking the rpms up and down. She rubs her legs and if you could see her face, you’d see her giant sexy grin from the enjoyment she’s getting out of revving the old Camaro.

Now that it’s definitely warmed up and ready to move, she backs it up and parks it in a different spot. She revs it a little more before turning the car off.

“I love revving the Camaro.” she says softly, rubbing her legs before getting out.