Jane & Veronica Go to the Parts Stores, 2 of 6
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Jane & Veronica Go to the Parts Stores, 2 of 6

February 21st, 2024


Tag along with these two as they head out to get some parts for these old rust buckets all dressed up in their fancy boots. I’m sure the guys in the parts stores are like, “What in the hell is about to happen?” as they see these two walking across the parking lot! lol

This clip starts out with them leaving the parts store and it’s Veronica’s turn to drive. She puts the seat back because she’s not a short-stuff like Jane. She gets in, pumps the gas and holds the key till the car fires up! Veronica is going to get some lessons from Jane on how to drive this old Monte Carlo. They banter back and forth as ‘Ronny puts her big booted-foot down on the gas pedal and they zip around town. Jane gets ‘Ronny to floor the gas pedal at different places on the road. Let’s hope no cops see!

They get home but have to leave again and Jane is back in the drivers seat trying to start the car as she flooded it….again. She gets it cleared out and off they go again but this time, viewed from the backseat.