Jane & Veronica Go to the Parts Stores, 3 of 6
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Jane & Veronica Go to the Parts Stores, 3 of 6

March 17th, 2024


Tag along with these two as they head out to get some parts for these old rust buckets all dressed up in their fancy boots. I’m sure the guys in the parts stores are like, “What in the hell is about to happen?” as they see these two walking across the parking lot! lol

So this installment is Jane driving while Veronica and myself are riding along. I’ve got a job on one of the cars I want this guy to look at and see if he can fix it. So he’s gotta follow us to where the cars are parked. Jane doe some playing around by slowing down and waiting for the slow-driving guy and then will floor it until she has to slow down again. It’s like a roller coaster ride! lol When we get to the property where the cars are, we have to wait for him to finish a call so Jane does some revving, stalling the car and flooding it then cranking it to kill the time. She’s got her mischievous smile going which means she’s up to something. I don’t know if she’s testing the guy or what but she’s having fun with it. Veronica reaches over with her left foot and does some revving with the orange-tipped pedicured toes and huge feet!

After some more cranking, revving and playing around, we head back out with Jane driving in those soft leather over-the-knee boots.