Jane & Veronica Go to the Parts Stores, 5 of 6
high definition

Jane & Veronica Go to the Parts Stores, 5 of 6

May 31st, 2024


Veronica gets them to the parts store and the girls go inside again, this time, from Jane’s POV. She walks across the parking lot with her tall boots clicking on the parking lot concrete and they go into the store.

“We’re back!” you hear Jane say to the employees as the video cuts to Jane tapping her boots impatiently on the floor as they wait for some help. They end up leaving with not all the parts they need.

Veronica fires the car up and drives them back to the house. Her size 10 feet in flip-flops work the pedals of the old Monte Carlo while they keep talking. Jane is filming mainly the footwell of the car so she can guide Veronica around. They make it to the other parts store.

They’re now leaving the other parts store and Jane is driving again. She’s filming her POV starting the car which she flooded a little bit and it won’t start. Apparently some folks wanted to buy the old Monte Carlo and Jane teases, “Ya’ll still wanna buy it?” as it’s not starting. lol

Veronica takes the camera and films as Jane drives them back to, hell, I don’t freaking know where…somewhere…