Jane & Vivian Run Errands in the Caddy in Their Boots, 2 of 5
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Jane & Vivian Run Errands in the Caddy in Their Boots, 2 of 5

March 6th, 2024


They’re heading to the gas station first with Vivian behind the wheel. When she can’t floor it because of traffic, she throws it into ‘N’ and romps on the gas pedal with her black boots.

Too bad the sound of my engine won’t make him move faster!” she says, wishing the car in front of her would get out of the way. Jane is filming from the passenger side and has her thigh high boots all up next to Vivian, which Vivian loves and rubs them a little. They talk about the boots and how sexy they look while Vivian works the pedals of the big ole Caddy!

They get to the gas station and Jane fills it up. She’s wearing her itty bitty little dress and they show off a little for all the guys there wondering what are these two babes doing in this old ass Caddy?!

Hey, do you wanna drive?” Vivian asks Jane.

Yeah!” Jane says and they swap. They get in the car and Jane, feeling daring and flirty, pumps on the gas pedal to flood the car out a little. It doesn’t flood out that much, only takes a couple of cranks to get it started. They buckle up and Jane floors the shit out of the car on the open highway!