Jane & Vivian Rainy Crank, Drive & Rev Before & After Custom 1106, 3 of 3
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Jane & Vivian Rainy Crank, Drive & Rev Before & After Custom 1106, 3 of 3

October 1st, 2023


**Same scene as part 2 but viewing from the backseat.**

They continue on down the driveway again and as Vivian is coasting down the hill she doesn’t realize the car died on her. When she goes to hit the gas again she doesn’t get any response and pushes it to the floor. Then she pumps it a few times and realizes her car died.

There went my power steering …and my power brakes.” she says as she has both legs pressing hard down on the brake pedal. The car finally stops and she tries to get it fired up again but it’s just cranking over and not starting. She pumps the gas pedal and holds it to the floor, trying to see what works. Did she flood it or is it out of gas?

Her miniskirt is riding up her legs and her pantyhose-clad thighs are in full view bouncing as she pumps the gas. After some more cranking, she finally gets the car to start and while revving it she adjusts herself some. The car sounds good now and she feels it’s good enough to head out. She drives carefully in the rain but she’s not a grandma either. She rolls into the throttle pretty aggressively with her patent stiletto pumps.

She comes up to a stop sign and realizes her door isn’t shut all the way. As she opens and closes the door harder, the car stalls. Again, she doesn’t realize this at first because she was distracted. She’s able to get the car fired up within a few tries and gets back to driving.