Jane Domino Moving Monte Out of the Mud White Slip-On Sneakers, 1 of 2
high definition

Jane Domino Moving Monte Out of the Mud White Slip-On Sneakers, 1 of 2

January 13th, 2024


She’s walking out to the Monte to get it moved out of the muddy yard that she has completely destroyed. Filmed from her POV walking to the car and looking down at her shoes, you see some of the carnage she’s inflicted on the yard when she gets to the car door. In the background, you hear Vivian getting the old Renault fired up…car shuffling is a big part of what we do.
Musical chairs? Amateurs…musical cars is where it’s at!

Anyways, Jane gets in, gets the old car started up and is waiting for Vivian. While she’s waiting, she’s barely revving the car with these little fast taps. Maybe she’s doing it as a signal to Vivian to ‘chop chop’ or who knows?

Vivian! Move that sweet ass of yours, I ain’t got all day!” Jane finally says out the window while cranking the car after it stalled.

This video is mainly a lot of fast tapping/pumping and being overall aggressive and firm with the pedal. Cranking, flooded cranking, revving, sputtering and lots of stalling during this video.

Vivian slides over at one point to try pumping from the passenger side to see if she can get it started. You just see her brown & white socks and blue canvas Keds pumping the gas. She’s able to get it started but then again, she’s not being as aggressive or quick as Jane.