Jane & Vivian Barefoot Tag Team Pedal Pumping the Jeep, 1 of 2
high definition

Jane & Vivian Barefoot Tag Team Pedal Pumping the Jeep, 1 of 2

October 28th, 2023


Jane is zoned out on her phone while you can hear the old Jeep cranking over in the background. Vivian is in the Jeep trying to get it started as Jane walks over to it in her skimpy black dress and shiny thigh high boots. She hops in the car and you view the scene from two different views: a far-off camera from the front of the car and Jane’s point-of-view.

From Jane’s POV, she gets in the car and asks Vivian what’s going on. They talk about their boots for a moment before Vivian decides to take her boot and socks off. That then leads to Jane wanting to go barefoot as well. Now that both girls are barefooted, Vivian gets back to trying to get the Jeep started.

Both girls little petite peds are in view as Vivian pumps the gas pedal and Jane pumps the air to encourage Vivian to pump the pedal. The Jeep does start finally and Vivian gives it quick, medium revs for a bit before Jane asks if she can help. Now, with Vivian’s foot on the gas and Jane’s foot on top of Vivian’s, both girls tag-team the revving action.

Since the Jeep is running good now, it’s time to go for a drive. Vivian puts the car into reverse and starts backing down the driveway when it conks out….