Princess is leaving her home to go grab her girlfriend from work and the two of them are going to be heading into town for a concert.  Ready to rock out, Princess doesn’t get too far before her car starts giving her some issues.  Her friend is on the phone the whole time, anxious to not miss a note of the concert, instructs Princess on what she should do to get the car started.  The Volvo dies on Princess in the middle of the road but she manages to get it into a parking lot where she can try to work her magic. 

**This video was to be 10minutes in length but is almost double that because Princess flooded the Volvo so badly that fuel had fouled out the spark plugs and fuel was actually collecting in the exhaust and causing some muffled backfiring.  We ended up having to leave the Volvo overnight and tow it back to the garage to do some maintenance on it to get it running.**