It’s the weekend and she’s up early to try and hit some shopping deals. She’s dressed warm for the chilly weather: big red sweater, leather jacket, leather gloves, leggings and over-the-knee high heeled boots. She gets in the car and instead of morning coffee, she’s got her morning Coke. She gets situated in the car, fumbling with her purse and drink for a moment before sliding the key into the ignition. She turns the key, pumps the gas and gives it a few seconds to try and start. No luck. She tries it again, pumping the gas firmly and waiting for it to catch but nope. She tries a third time, “Come on, crank for me now.”
It takes a good number of tries more to get the car to start-up but it dies when she puts it in gear. After that, between the sputtering, stalling and cranking, the battery ends up dying. I guess she’s going to have to jump it off. This scene ends with her getting into the Jeep.