**11/16: I re-upload this post and file due to more than a few having issues downloading the video and/or seeing the entire post. Please let me know if you’re having any issues seeing or download video updates. Thank you!**

Back with Scarlet and all the wonderful issues she has with these cars. Flat leather over-the-knee boots, leather Frye boots & her various cowgirl boots. 99% of these clips in this series are genuine, authentic and unscripted scenes of her cranking, starting up and dealing with issues in these cars. Yes, we use them for the site and rig them for various videos, just as every site has ever done. But what you’ve never seen is a collection of what really happens when a model, not on the clock, is using/moving these cars.

Sometimes she needs the Jeep to run to the home store to haul something home that doesn’t fit in her Mustang. Other times, she might just be moving one of the cars that is blocking her way. If you all remember our old house, we had to play car tetris all the time. So after a shoot, I might not of moved all the cars out of her way and she has to start one or two up to move them so she can get out the next morning. Other times, she might be taking a car (or cars) to get gas in preparation for her shoot coming up.