The Pierce’s Evening Struggle With the Cars in Cowgirl Boots, 1 of 3

The Pierce’s Evening Struggle With the Cars in Cowgirl Boots, 1 of 3

February 28th, 2024


Vivian is heading out to the Camaro to wait for Persephone to come out, start the car and get it moved. Persephone needs a little more time getting used to starting these old cars so she doesn’t get stranded somewhere when she has to use them to get around.

Vivian is filming from her POV sitting in the car and waiting. You see her brown leather boots over her jeans while she pumps her right foot, patiently waiting. When Persephone does finally arrive, she forgot the keys…doh! She has to run back in and get them. She gets in the car with the keys now and has issues just closing the old, heavy door.
Use two hands.” Vivian tells her. She finally gets the door shut and mumbles, “This is a scary experience already.

She slips the key in and turns it but nothing happens except for the dash lights coming on. She tries again…nothing but lights. Vivian says she’ll go out and see about the battery. She comes back in after giving the battery connections a good jiggle and tells Persephone to really turn the key. Persephone does and the engine of the car finally starts turning over. She doesn’t give it any gas the first try and on the second, she starts pumping it but it’s not starting. Vivian starts telling her how to start the old car and showing her with her right foot doing the pumping motion to help her out. The battery is starting to get weak and the car hasn’t even sputtered.

I can tell you’ve been watching me a lot.” Vivian says, noticing that Persephone has the right idea between pumping and holding to the floor.

I can tell how frustrated you get. This can be annoying.” Persephone says to mama — as both have a moment where they both may be generations apart but old clunker piece of shit cars can bridge that gap. lol

Vivian tries pleading with the car while Persephone keeps on cranking but she eventually drains the battery and their plans go *POOF*!

A while later, after dad changed the battery for them, they head back out with mama now going to give it a try. Vivian gets behind the wheel and spins it over with a new strong battery. Vivian just thinks Persephone flooded it so she’s going to try to clear it out but she’s not having much luck.

Seeing his girls having issues with the car, dad comes out from the door to find out what is going on. He gets Vivian to pop the hood, looks underneath and has her try the car again….vroom!