Tiffany is ready for a game of tennis, so she loads the tennis rackets into the car and then cranks (and cranks) the Volvo for a short while, notating that didn’t work to well.  She pauses to apply some lip gloss.  Then she cranks it again; it starts, but it’s not sounding very well.  She revs it mildly for a short time to keep it from dying.  She then starts driving to the tennis court.  In clip 2, the car stalls at a dead end, and she is pumping the holy shit out of the pedal with her bare foot, cranking away.  She pumps the gas so hard, the pedal breaks off.  She has to get down in the floor board to fix it; then it’s back to trying to start the car.  In clip 3, she finally gets it started again and revs it some more to make sure it’s good to go.  She decides to go back home in case the car acts up again.