Tyler Grace Food Run in the Z28 in Socks & Boots, 2 of 2

Tyler Grace Food Run in the Z28 in Socks & Boots, 2 of 2

May 6th, 2023

We’ve finally made it to the place we’re getting food at, she finds a parking spot to park it and we go in to order.

We come out with food in hand and get situated in the car. She buckles in, puts the key in the ignition and spins the engine over while giving it a few pumps. It doesn’t start, she tries again while pumping it a bit more but all you hear is the sound of the metallic starter echoing across the parking lot. With people coming out to their cars, she gets that embarrassed smile on her face and keeps trying to start the car. A few nervous laughs and a bunch of attempts later, she gets the car fired up. She lightly revs it and I can tell she’s a bit flustered so I remind her she did good and all that. I also try to get her to open the car up a bit more and that she doesn’t have to be timid driving this thing. So I tell her to floor it when she pulls out ….but she didn’t….*sigh*

She takes her right boot off at a red-light and drives the rest of the way back in her tall socks, well, her tall sock since she doesn’t take off her left boot.

A good hot-start with casual driving in traffic with Tyler Grace.