Vivian Ireene Pierce Custom 1427 Leftovers in Loafers
high definition

Vivian Ireene Pierce Custom 1427 Leftovers in Loafers

June 15th, 2024

A short scene of her getting the car started and reversed up the driveway to get it into position for custom 1427 here.

Then there are various cranking scenes that didn’t make it into the finale cut of the video. Some good battery draining, shaky tailpipe and leg out of the car while cranking scenes.

Lastly, she gets the car fired up with once the custom is done and goes to reverse it but stalls it. Fires it back up and has to heel-toe like an old-school Indycar driver to get the car to back up the incline but you can hear the rear passenger tire spinning in the mud. That tire was parked right in the spot where my HVAC drainage spits out water and the ground is always wet there. The car slowly inches back as she stays on the gas until she hits dry ground and gets out of the spot. She parks the car and then revs the shit out of it, filling up the air with exhaust smoke and gas fumes!