Vivian Coronet Crank & Drive Sheer Hose, Leather & Boots, 2 of 2
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Vivian Coronet Crank & Drive Sheer Hose, Leather & Boots, 2 of 2

June 9th, 2023

Vivian is looking back over her right shoulder while reversing this old car down our driveway. She’s using her left foot to pump the brake pedal and her right toes work the gas. She manages to get it down the driveway and around the curve without hitting anything, after all, she is my best backer upper. She backs all the way out to the road, puts the car in ‘Drive’ and heads out.

She stalls the car at the stop sign but it fires right back up for her. She’s still two-footing the pedals and puts the car back into drive but the car conks out again. This time, it doesn’t start right back up. A car pulls up behind her and she tries waving it around but the Coronet fires up before that car decides to go around her.

At the red-light, the car doesn’t stall on her which she’s thankful for and she hits the gas with her leather boots but gets stopped by the next red-light. When that light turns green, she rolls onto the throttle with her boot to get the car going but now there’s traffic…ugh! Go to work or something people, get off the roads! lol

Vivian does manage to get some clear road ahead of her and punches the gas. The big heavy car takes a bit to respond to her boot’s demands. She slows down to make a turn because she missed her road and ends up on a dirt road. The red ‘Oil’ light on the dash lights up, indicating the car has died. Greeeeaaatt, her car died on some dirt road….