Vivian Cranks, Drives & Stalls the Jeep in Pink Flip Flops & Bare Feet
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Vivian Cranks, Drives & Stalls the Jeep in Pink Flip Flops & Bare Feet

March 2nd, 2023

No one accessories and color matches like Vivian…no one! She has on a pink tshirt, super-short shorts and these pink strap wedge flip flops (sandals?) and trying to get the Jeep started up with Jane riding ‘bitch’ right next to her. Vivian is having some issues getting the Jeep to start and Jane is, well, she’s trying to just get through life with her allergies going bonkers!

Vivian keeps at it and manages to get the car started after a while and gives it some good revs. She backs out of the parking spot, heads up the driveway to the road and the Jeep conks out on her. Some sexy struggling to get the car started again and once it’s running this time, she kicks her shoes off and two-foots it to keep it from stalling on her again.

She pulls out onto the road and takes off, flooring the gas pedal pressing her bare foot on the throttle all the way down to the carpet. She stalls the Jeep at the stop sign and bounces and begs it to get it started again. A car comes up behind them and she has to wave it around while she just sits there and bounces in the seat while pumping the gas to get her old Jeep started. She revs it hard when she gets it started again and they are able to make it home a few minutes later.