Joined PTP: February 12, 2009

From: Atlanta, GA

Birthdate: September 10, 1986

Shoe Size:  6 1/2

Favorite Type of Shoe:  heels

Smokes:  yes

Favorite Car:  Corvette & Lexus

What cars do you or have you owned?
I own a Ford Focus.  In the past, I have owned a Chevy Cavalier and a Dodge Stratus.

Worst Car Trouble Experience:
I had to be somewhere and my car would not crank.  It was cold, and I was late for work.

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  • Gina_mixed_86montecarlo_reddresshosestrappyheels-pic

    It takes her more than a couple of tries to get the Monte Carlo started.  It’s more like a few minutes…but she does get it fired up in her strappy black stiletto sandals, tan pantyhose and red dress.  She romps on it a few times to make sure it’ll stay….

  • Gina Cowgirl Boots & Tall Socks Pedal Pumping
    Starring - December 26th, 2013


    She first tries starting the Coronet…lol, yeah, right!!  She kills the battery in it!  So now she’s going to start the Monte Carlo and go for a drive.  After a nice, long struggle, she gets it running and off we go!

  • Gina_mixed_86montecarlo_pinktoeswhiteflipflops-pic

    She’s sportin some short shorts, flip flops that show off her pink toes and a sexy tank top.  She’s got the Monte Carlo really flooded from a little….no, from a LOT of pumping the gas pedal!  She’s getting frustrated with the car not starting.  She does get it running near….

  • Gina_mixed_1970volvo_tanbootscaprijeans-pic

    She pumps and pumps the Volvo, it sputters and fights back to avoid running but she eventually wins and revs it up a bit to clear it out.

  • Gina_mixed_1970volvo_cowgirlbootshosesocks-pic

    It’s a hot summer day and Gina is working the process of getting the Volvo started so she can rev it up.  It takes a while to get it going and then she revs it up pretty aggressively.  The Volvo hasn’t been used much lately, so it needs a good….

  • Gina_rev_74coronet_tanbootsbarefoot-pic

    Gina’s not too thrilled to be taking the Coronet but she’ll deal with it.  She asks you if it’s going to start before she gets in and your lack of response doesn’t give her much confidence.  She does get the car started after some struggling and then revs the Coronet….

  • Gina Cranking Volvo in Patent Peep Toes
    Starring - June 24th, 2012


    Gina is trying to start the Volvo in a short dress and a pair of black patent peep toe high heels.  The Volvo battery is getting weak as she is battling with the old station wagon to start.  The gas pedal has broken off and she’s only able to pump….

  • Gina Cranking Coronet – #174
    Starring - June 4th, 2012


    Gina just got in when she gets a call that her friend left his jacket and wallet at the park they were spending the day at.  Gina has to head back there to see if she can find it.  She arrives at the park and doesn’t see anything on the….

  • Gina Cranking & Revving the Bus, 2 of 2
    Starring - September 10th, 2011


    Gina gets her first go in the VW Bus.  She’s wearing some tight riding pants and sexy boots when she goes to cranking it.  It doesn’t want to start so she keeps gently pumping the pedal, patiently waiting for it to crank.  She gets it to sputter to life and….

  • Gina Driving the Coronet in Ballet Flats
    Starring - August 16th, 2011


    We just finished up a custom video and I have Gina start the Coronet.  It starts up surprisingly quick and surprises Gina, I make a comment about it and we proceed on our way home.  It’s a casual driving video, nothing fancy.