Joined PTP: April 1, 2015

From: West Sussex

Birthdate: February 14, 1990

Shoe Size:  UK 5 or EU 38 –  I think this is a US 7

Favorite Type of Shoe:  Hmm, I do love boots – I love all types of boots but I seem to have lots of ankle boots! (Not the same, I know!) Other than that I love summer shoes, flip flops, sandals etc. I hate bare unpainted toenails!

Smokes:  No (ex-smoker)

Favorite Car:  Mercedes CLC Coupe – I most certainly need one of these in my life and soon.  Although in a dream world I would love to come to the US, rent a ford GT40 and see where the wind took me… probably Vegas! Haha.

Can You Drive a Stick?:  Yes.

What cars do you or have you owned?  I have owned far too many cars to list everything here. Some of my favorites were a couple of mk2 MR2 Jap import turbos, 300zx fairlady twin turbo, I’ve always loved soft top CLKs (I have had a few of them!), I also adore jaguars. I had a X-Type for a while before trading it in for a bigger S-Type – absolutely beautiful cars to drive. Right now my own personal car is a 1998 Mercedes ML. Probably my most favorite car I have ever owned was a 2004 Mercedes C-Coupe, It’s the only car I worked really hard and saved for, it took me over a year. Sadly I only owned her for a matter of days before the car was registered stolen and she was sadly taken from me!

Worst Car Trouble Experience:  
I’m not too sure on this one. Weeks after passing my driving test I got given a BMW 320i SE, I very quickly learned why not to corner a RWD in the wet quickly. It was nothing serious to start, it was quite fun actually, it all began as a beautiful drift which ended up going up a bank onto the motorway backwards!

Actual car trouble wise, the other week I had no choice but to take a working car out, I didn’t check the car over first, I guess I hadn’t filled it up in a while and the head gasket went about 10 miles from home. I had to stop every 2 minutes to let it cool down. The car had no alternator so every time I stopped I had to put on my puppy face and approach strangers with my jump leads.

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