Kate Gives Tour of Daily Struggles with the Galant

Kate Gives Tour of Daily Struggles with the Galant

June 1st, 2017

You’ve been curious as to what she has to go through to get her crappy car started every day. She’s told you stories about it and now gives you a ‘documentary’ style look at her struggles. Various angles of her cranking this car in peep-toe boots, leather skirt and a leather-like button-down shirt. She begs the car to start for her but it’s just a piece of shit.

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  1. Kate Cranking The Galant Telling You What She Goes Through Trying to Get Her Car To Start / Black Peep-Toe Leather Stiletto OTK Boots w/ Red Toe Nail Polish / 720 P MP4 HD

    It’s a nice sunny day Kate has a camera on a tripod she tells you what she goes through trying to get her Galant to start, she’s wearing a black leather jacket, dark black leather tassel skirt, dark black leather peep-toe stiletto OTK Leather boots. Kate takes the camera off the tripod she gets in the Galant she puts the key in the ignition with her left foot on the clutch she pumps the gas pedal as she cranks the engine, she’s filming this clip all by herself.

    Kate also puts the camera on the floorboard getting some video of her upper body as she cranks and pumps the Galant’s gas pedal, after about eight minutes the battery gets weak really fast and dies. Kate sits there in the drivers seat for a little over a minute telling you what she goes through, the money she spent on the Galant, she gets out and closes the drivers door. The End.

    Kate you did a great job shooting this video yourself your feet look sexy in those black peep-toe leather stiletto OTK leather boots, great video. 😀 : D 😀 😀 😀

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