Joined PTP: February 12, 2009

From: Atlanta, GA

Birthdate: September 10, 1986

Shoe Size:  6 1/2

Favorite Type of Shoe:  heels

Smokes:  yes

Favorite Car:  Corvette & Lexus

What cars do you or have you owned?
I own a Ford Focus.  In the past, I have owned a Chevy Cavalier and a Dodge Stratus.

Worst Car Trouble Experience:
I had to be somewhere and my car would not crank.  It was cold, and I was late for work.

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  • “Alright, let’s see if we can get her cranked up.” she says as she gets in. It takes a few good attempts while she pumps on the gas pedal to get it started up. She does some revving to warm the engine up on this chilly day. She’s wearing a….

  • They got the clip started in the first clip and now Gina is driving it to where our cars are parked. Her and Scarlet chit-chat while Gina drives the big old Jeep. Her maroon vintage leather boots work the gas and brake pedal while Scarlet fights the sun filming her….

  • No luck for her with the Volvo today. She has a gentle, rhythmic style of pumping that has come from her own car trouble experience. Gotta pump it but can’t pump too much or it’ll flood out. But some days, flooded or not, some cars just don’t want to run.

  • They were about to head out but the Jeep is protesting…hard! Gina is filming Scarlet trying to get the Jeep started first. Scarlet is pumping the gas pedal in her black cowgirl boots. The Jeep sputters and stalls a lot as both girls try not to get upset. After a….

  • Gina Gets the Old Renault Cranked Up
    Starring - September 10th, 2017

    She walks to the Renault and gets in while leaving the drivers door open so we can watch her work the pedals while wearing those tight, boot-cut style jeans and metal-tipped boots. She stretches her legs out to push the clutch to the floor and pump the gas pedal. She….

  • Gina Cranking the Bug Barefoot – #744
    Starring - August 27th, 2017

    Gina is giving a coworker a ride home. This coworker has a crush on Gina, so he’s pretty excited that he gets to see her struggle up-close and personal! Gina kicks her shoes off and pumps the gas with her bare feet. She tells her coworker, as she’s pumping, that….

  • She walks on the driveway towards the Caddy, gets behind the wheel and slides the key into the ignition. She doesn’t pump it before turning the key but doesn’t hesitate when the car doesn’t fire up right away to start pumping the gas pedal. Thump thump thump…thump thump thump…is the….

  • Not having much getting the little car fired up. She’s wearing these wooden, low-heeled sandals and some cuffed jeans on this hot day. She begs the car to start for her as we get multiple angles of her struggle. She gets more and more frustrated at the car not starting….

  • Gina Stranded in the Coronet – #743
    Starring - July 14th, 2016

    Gina is driving through the countryside in the Coronet when she thinks she’s getting a flat tire. She pulls over to check but all looks okay. When she gets back in the car to leave, it won’t start. She tries her best to get the car started again, pumping it….

  • This is a series of weak battery cranking clips. The Jeep was having starter issues, so batteries wouldn’t last that long. She’s using her full leg to pump the gas pedal aggressively to try and get the Jeep started before each battery dies. I later discovered the fuel pump was….