Joined PTP: October 14, 2010

From: Central Alabama

Birthdate: August 24, 1986

Shoe Size:  7

Favorite Type of Shoe:  Boots

Smokes:  No

Favorite Car:  Aston Martin

What cars do you or have you owned?  Currently own a Honda Civic but I have owned a Toyota MR2, Ford Lightning, Ford Cobra Mustang and a Saleen Mustang.

Worst Car Trouble Experience:  Multiple blow outs and I’ve even spun a rod before.

Order a Custom Video (not available)

  • This is a one angle custom video with the camera mounted on the passenger side window getting Hana from head-to-toe. She’s got this dark orangish colored leather-like dress on and some black leather stiletto pumps with an ankle straps. She starts the Volvo and drives around, shifting a lot including….

  • She’s cold and so is the Volvo. It takes a few cranks and some pumping to get it to fire up and she doesn’t waste any time revving it pretty hard to warm it up. She runs down the street to get some gas and then drives it around some….

  • You’re in the living room about to play some games when Hana comes strutting into the living room wearing her bathroom and some sexy peep-toe wedges. She’s got that look on her face and wants you to follow her outside. Games can wait! You go outside and get into the….

  • It’s early and Hana can’t get the old Bus to crank. It’s damp and cold outside, which is probably part of the reason. She keeps trying to get the old thing to start until the battery dies…time to call for a ride.

  • Hana ‘Are You Scared of the Storm?’
    Starring - March 12th, 2017

    It’s pouring down rain, getting dark and her car won’t start. She’s teasing you…mocking you that you’re scared of the storm as she pumps on the gas to flood the car out intentionally. She pumps and cranks with her bare legs exposed and white strappy high heels. The car sputters….

  • Hana and I hop in the Coronet to go back to the house. It’s pretty muggy out and the Coronet isn’t wanting to start right up…we need some airflow! She gets it fired up and as she’s backing up, it stalls…go figure, lol. She gets it running again and we….

  • It was after we had one of those rare snow days here in Alabama that I got Hana to attempt to get the old VW Bus started. The gas pedal linkage was sticking and making the pedal raise up after each pump very slowly. That might be why it didn’t….

  • She’s done with the Monte Carlo and is walking on the driveway giving you one hell of a sexy look when she gives you a subtle ‘follow me’ signal with her finger. You follow behind her in that tight blue dress as she gets in the Volvo, pumps the pedal….

  • Part 2 goes back and forth from Hana’s perspective and an outside-the-car view as she cranks and revs the old Monte Carlo. She’s gotten the engine all hot from the revving that each time she tries moving it, it stalls out. Lots of leg is showing from that itty bitty….

  • This 4 part series has Hana cranking, driving and revving in the Monte Carlo, Volvo and Coronet. This was a from-the-hip video that ended up taking up a few hours as I just kept filming…and filming…and filming. 🙂 Part 1 starts out with Hana cranking the Monte Carlo while filming….